Sustainable Agriculture

Atooi's Green Living is setting the global standard in creating sustainable agricultural practices, creating jobs in the region, and helping to eliminate waste by recycling 100% of waste into energy, fuel, and in turn economic growth.

Coming Soon... First Central Bank Polynesia Kala Card

The Kingdom of Atooi unites many Polynesian Nations with the Kala currency, which has not been minted since the late 1800's just before the Nation's illegal overthrow. The launch of this honest money will serve as a recognition of the responsibilities we are taking to help restore the Nation's of the world. Atooi means the light of God. In this light we trust.

Bring Your Business to Atooi

Atooi Businesses, bring your business to Atooi and receive a 2% Allowance Rate.

Zero GMO's


Media Updates

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Kingdom of Atooi (Nation of Hawaii) Flag Raising Ceremony
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You can read the full United Nations press release at The United Nations Multimedia Website

Na Koa O Atooi Ali'i protocol
Hōkūle‘a arrives in Tahiti
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