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Jeffrey D. Sachs presentation and book signing event: The Age of Sustainable Development - Meet the Author series

Jeffrey D. Sachs, will discuss and sign his book "The Age of Sustainable Development". Introduction by Ambassador David Donoghue, Permanent Mission of Ireland to the United Nations. Moderated by Maher Nasser, Director, Outreach Division, Department of Public Information, United Nations.

The Age of Sustainable Development is a landmark publication providing a compelling and practical framework for how global citizens can use a holistic way forward to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals of economic prosperity, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Jeffrey D. Sachs is a world -renowned economics professor, leader in sustainable development, senior UN advisor, best-selling author, and syndicated columnist. Event organized by the United Nations Bookshop.
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Sustainable Agriculture

Atooi's Green Living is setting the global standard in creating sustainable agricultural practices, creating jobs in the region, and helping to eliminate waste by recycling 100% of waste into energy, fuel, and in turn economic growth.

The Kingdom of Atooi unites many Polynesian Nations with the Kala currency, which has not been minted since the late 1800's just before the Nation's illegal overthrow. The launch of this honest money will serve as a recognition of the responsibilities we are taking to help restore the Nation's of the world. Atooi means the light of God. In this light we trust.

Bring Your Business to Atooi

Atooi Businesses, bring your business to Atooi and receive a 2% Allowance Rate.


Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi News

No well. No way.

KAPAA Officials with the Kauai Department of Water came out Monday in hopes of discussing the cost-savings analysis report for the Kahili Horizontal Directional Drilled Well Project.They never got a chance.

Jury hung on Atooi license

LIHU'E A jury found a Kalaheo resident guilty on two of three driving-related charges but remained hung on whether presenting his Native Hawaiian license to police was illegal.

King Dayne Aipoalani's Story May Convince You That Hawaii Belongs To The Hawaiians

The circumstances by which Hawaii was annexed by the U.S. are so sketchy that Congress felt obliged to issue an apology in 1993.

Atooi Stops Violence in Rapa Nui 2010

Kingdom of Atooi responds with ability to Stop the Violence in Rapa Nui 2010 helping both sides to understand peace

Atooi, The Newly Emergent Polynesian Kingdom

I recently ran across and re-read an old book that I had purchased a few decades back whilst visiting the Hawaiian Islands. It's titled, An Account of the Sandwich Islands; The Hawaiian Journal of John B. Whitman, 1813-1815.

Watanabe orders return of Atooi badge

Judge Wantanabe returns the Hawaii Federal Marshal badge to the head marshal of Atooi, the Ali'i Nui Aleka Aipoalani. Admitting that Atooi is lawful and legally able to operate it's peacekeeping efforts.

Hawaiian's defense invokes UN policy

The United Nations Indigenous Rights Declaration gives international recognition to indigenous nations.


Media Updates

Dr. Jeff Sachs introduces the Kingdom of Atooi at Columbia University fot the Sustainable Development Solutions Network work shop, a global initiative for the United Nations on April 9th, 2015

The Gathering Of Indigenous Nations

Kingdom of Atooi (Nation of Hawaii) Flag Raising Ceremony

Atooi Nation Re-Launches the Kala

You can read the full United Nations press release at The United Nations Multimedia Website

Na Koa O Atooi Ali'i protocol

Hōkūle‘a arrives in Tahiti

"Polynesian Kingdom of Atooi":Hokule'a:Tahiti 2014

Meet the King and Chief of Tahiti

Meet the Federal Marshal